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18. Juli 2016

AST 2017 - Call for Papers

Call for papers

Continuing a series of conferences that has been firmly established since the first AST in 2007, it is our pleasure to inform you that the Hamburg University of Technology is organizing the 6th International Workshop on Aircraft System Technologies (AST 2017).

The two day event, scheduled for February 21 – February 22, 2017, will again take place in the city of Hamburg. Its main focus will be on research and new developments in the field of aviation and aircraft systems.

During the workshop, high level presentations by leading experts will allow each participant to get an in-depth view on the status of systems and components in numerous fields of aviation. Aspects of current applications as well as future research and developments will be exchanged.

All experts are invited to present their latest research results, discuss technical experiences and new ideas. You may find more information in the attached Call for Papers and at the conference web page http://ast.tuhh.de

Please note that the deadline for submitting an abstract is September 15, 2016.

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