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08. September 2015

R3ASC'16 International Conference

Call for papers

The R3ASC international conference, initially established on a three year cycle, is
now held every even year in order to alternate with the Aircraft System Technology
(AST) conference that is organized by the Hamburg University of Technology in
Hamburg every odd year. The R3ASC’16 conference is scheduled March 16-17, 2016
in Toulouse, a leading aerospace industry city in Europe. The conference is
organized by the School of Mechanical Engineering of the Institut National des
Sciences Appliquées and the Institut Clément Ader laboratory. It will be held at
Hotel Mercure Compans Cafarelli that is located in Toulouse city center.

The R3ASC’16 conference will address the latest developments in aerospace
actuation since 2014, when a hundred worldwide industrialists, specialists and
scientists attended the sixth R3ASC conference.

The conference website will be available early October 2015

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