Nonlinear Observer Implementation for Empennage Loads Estimation


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M. Montel, Matthias Ram, F. Thielecke


Deutscher Luft- und Raumfahrtkongress, Augsburg 16. September - 17. Sept. 2014

For the development and validation of structural health monitoring systems, the INSTITUTE OF AIRCRAFT SYSTEMS ENGINEERING of the HAMBURG UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY cooperates with the MERSEBURG UNIVERSITY OF APPLIEDSCIENCES and the AIRBUS OPERATIONS GMBH. Focusing model based approaches for loads estimation using virtual loads sensors, the Loads Observer algorithm by Henrichfreise and Bensch [1, 2] is realized for the flight test aircraft UW-9 Sprint. Within this paper, the development of the model structure containing a state and a disturbance observer as well as the identification of the included feedback gains will be introduced. For the example of empennage loads, the implemented Loads Observer is validated against flight test data. For this purpose, the empennage of the test aircraft is equipped with strain gauges for component loads measurement. The test equipment and its calibration according to the method introduced by Skopinski [3] are described. Regarding the assessment of combined maneuver and gust loads, the flight test execution including the performance of maneuvers in gusty conditions is presented. Finally, the component loads estimated by the Loads Observer algorithm will be compared to the strain gauge measurement.