SPYDER - A Software Package for System Diagnosis Engineering



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Christian Modest, F. Thielecke


Deutscher Luft- und Raumfahrtkongress (DLRK), Augsburg 16. - 18. Sept. 2014

Modern aircraft systems comprise hardware and software with high complexity. In order to assure an operation at high availability and low maintenance cost, diagnosis functions become essential. These functions detect failures, identify sources of failures and assess the current state of health. A reduction in operating cost, better planning of maintenance actions, and new business cases for operator and equipment manufactures are gained as a result. A systematic approach for the design and test of diagnosis functions supported by an integrated model-based tool chain is introduced in this paper. That is the SPYDER concept, a Software Package for sYstem Diagnosis EngineeRing. Embedded into the general system development process, a stepwise design and test of diagnosis functions is performed. It starts with fault-effect analysis, continues with sensor placement and proceeds further to configuration and testing. The method has been applied to multifunctional fuel cell systems that are used as illustrative examples.