Analysis of Minimum Delta Pressure Specifications Between Actuators and Hydraulic Power Generation and their Effect on Overall System Sizing


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Aircraft Hydraulic System, Delta Pressure Requirements, Hydraulic Actuators, Preliminary Sizing, System Modeling


Carsten Dunker, F. Thielecke, Till Homann


International Conference on Recent Advances in Aerospace Actuation Systems and Components (R3ASC´14)

This paper contains an analysis of minimum delta pressure specifications between hydraulic actuation and central hydraulic power generation and distribution. The specification influences the allowable pressure losses and therefore the sizing of the distribution system, but also has a major impact on actuation sizing. For the analysis the hydraulic system preliminary design tool ArOLab is used. After giving a short introduction into the ArOLab software, the modelling of hydraulic behavior and component masses is described. Also an introduction into the automatic and optimal sizing function of aircraft hydraulic pipe networks is given. On the basis of the described modelling and sizing techniques two main analyses for a set of delta pressures are carried out for one baseline hydraulic system. It is shown how the masses of the actuation and power generation and distribution system changes with the chosen minimum delta pressures. The results are analyzed and recommendations for minimum delta pressure levels are given.