Object-Orientated Development of a Model Library for Fuel Cell Cooling Systems Using Modelica


Klima- und Kühlungssysteme



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Enno Vredenborg, Hauke Peer Lüdders, Jan Grymlas, F. Thielecke


Proceedings of the 3rd CEAS Air & Space Conference, Venedig, Italien, 2011

In this work, an emergency electrical system has been designed and analyzed by using low temperature fuel cells, Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells (PEMFC), batteries and ultracapacitors as emergency power system. In the complete design of the power plant, the power electronics converters for conditioning the electrical power are designed in order to increase the efficiency and the performance of the system. The technical requirement has been specified by Bombardier Aerospace (Montreal,) where the required power in each phase of flight is fixed during an emergency situation. This work presents the design of the power emergency plant on board. The components and the technical requirements of the new system and the electronic control designed to assure the good performance of the management power system are analyzed.