Multiobjective Optimization of Fault-Tolerant Aircraft Systems Considering System Degradation


Elektrische Energieversorgung und Brennstoffzelle



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Aircraft Power Systems; Degraded System; Fault Tolerance; Finite State Machine; Optimization; Redundancy Management; Reliability Analysis; Reliability Block Diagram; System Design


Christian Raksch, F. Thielecke


ESREL Conference 2009

his article presents the recent developments of the software tool SyRelAn (System Reliability Analysis) and its methods, which provide an environment for system engineers to model and analyze complex systems of various technical backgrounds with respect to safety and reliability. Each model's core is the hybrid system model, imaging the failure-free system architecture with the use of Reliability Block Diagrams and the system behavior and interactions of the components with the use of Concurrent Finite State Machines. Based on this hybrid system model, the article on hand presents an optimization environment considering system reliability, residual reliabilities and additional static parameters for different system states. The optimization process is demonstrated using a generic electrical power supply system based on a single-aisle twin-jet commercial aircraft.