Performance Degradation Analysis of Fault-Tolerant Aircraft Systems


Virtuelle Integration und Systembewertung





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Aircraft Power Systems; Degraded System; Fault Tolerance; Finite State Machine; Performance Degradation; Redundancy Management; Reliability Analysis; Reliability Block Diagram; System Design


Christian Raksch, van Maanen, R., Dominick Rehage, F. Thielecke, Udo B. Carl


1st CEAS European Air and Space Conference, Berlin, 10-13 September, 2007

This article shows the recent developments of the software tool SYRELAN (System Reliability Analysis), which provides an environment for system engineers to model and analyse complex systems of various technical backgrounds. The core of each system model is the hybrid model, imaging the failure-free system architecture with the use of RELIABILITY BLOCK DIAGRAMS and the system behaviour and interactions of the components with the use of CONCURRENT FINITE STATE MACHINES. In light of the fact that for modern and complex fault-tolerant systems not just the nominal behaviour but also the degraded system states with available performance levels are essential for system design, the existing environment has been enhanced by a PERFORMANCE DEGRADATION ANALYSIS which considers active and standby system components. The new method is demonstrated using the electrical power supply system of the AIRBUS A320.