Knowledge-Based Design and Modelling of High Lift Actuation Systems


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M. Pfennig, F. Thielecke, Udo B. Carl


CEAS 2009 European Air and Space Conference

High lift actuation system design is a highly iterative process. Especially the preliminary design phase, which sets the course for the following design steps, is characterised by uncertain and changing data input. Despite the importance of this early design phase, a specialised and integrated computational support is not available. The objective of the research project WISSBASYS is to offer knowledge-based design assistance focused on the preliminary design of high lift actuation systems. Moreover, information concerning a specific drive system architecture and component data can be used for an automated model generation leading to a significant time reduction and enhanced traceability. A capable approache for order reduction of shaft transmission models as well as the concept for computer aided modelling are presented in this paper.