Implementation of a Modelica Library for Simulation of High-Lift Drive Systems


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high-lift system; power drive system; system development


M. Pfennig, F. Thielecke


6th International Modelica Conference

The development and design of new high-lift drive systems is a complex and iterative process, which is often depending on experience. Especially results determined in the predevelopment phase and based on uncertain assumptions have decisive influence on the system specification and thus on the system design. In order to reduce development time and optimize the development process, a rapid generation and adaptation of simulation models for analysis of transient system behaviour is essential. This article presents an computer-integrated approach for further reduction of the high-lift development process. An interface to Modelia should enable an automated system model generation. A suitable component library is introduced and verified by simulation of the Airbus A380 flap actuation system. The purpose of this article is to present the project of a computer-aided development process as well as an adequate component library for assembling simulation models of high-lift drive systems.