Synthesis and Topology Study of HLFC System Architectures in Preliminary Aircraft Design


Virtuelle Integration und Systembewertung



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Timo Pe, F. Thielecke


Proceedings of the 3rd CEAS Air & Space Conference, Venedig, Italien, 2011

Hybrid Laminar Flow Control (HLFC) is a very promising technology with respect to high fuel savings for future aircraft. Great advances have been made regarding the ability to specify the aerodynamic requirements. However, for the design of an integrated HLFC aircraft, also structure and system technologies have to be understood and optimised. This paper presents a detailed system sizing methodology with the objective to determine main system parameters such as power con-sumption and mass in an early design phase. This methodology is then applied for a suction system architecture study for a long range re-search aircraft. In this study different architec-tures with varying numbers of compressors and plenum chambers are analysed. The results are recommendations about number and locations of the compressors and the main parameters of the systems that can be used in preliminary de-sign at overall aircraft level.