A Design Methodology of Optimized Diagnosis Functions for High Lift Actuation Systems


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Christian Modest, F. Thielecke


PHM Society : Proceedings of the Annual Conference of the Prognostics and Health Management Society 2012, September 2012

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This paper presents a model-based approach to the optimal design of diagnosis system architectures for complex high lift actuation systems. The overall approach consists of two steps. In the ?rst step, safety and reliability related require- ments are introduced. These focus on the detectability and isolability of faults. Symptoms are used therefore. These are separated into safety and reliability related symptoms. In the second step, different alternatives to provide the symptoms are drawn and evaluated in order to gain an optimal design solution. A two stage analysis process is used therefore. The ?rst stage focuses on the ful?llment of the safety related re- quirements whereas the second stage concentrates on the re- liability related requirements. All aspects of the analysis are depicted exemplary and formalized theoretically. The results of the application to the high lift actuation system of an Air- bus A340-600 aircraft are presented afterwards and discussed in the end.