LPV Gain-Scheduling Control of an Electromechanically Driven Landing Gear for a Commercial Aircraft


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Hauke Peer Lüdders, H. Abbas, Dennis Doberstein, F. Thielecke, Herbert Werner


Proceedings of 2010 American Control Conference

This paper presents an application of Linear- Parameter-Varying (LPV) control to an electromechanically driven landing gear of an aircraft. The LPV approach is motivated by the highly nonlinear characteristics of the kinematic. First, a nonlinear model is derived using physical modeling tools. A quasi-LPV model is then derived by using an approach which is based on linearisation and additional measurements of the nonlinear model. Using mixed sensitivity loop shaping, a polytopic LPV controller based on a single Lyapunov function is designed. Then a method is developed for this controller which compensates any wind up effects due to a reconstruction and without any further calculation. Finally the designed controller is tested and compared to a Linear-Time-Invariant (LTI) controller in simulation studies.