Integration Analysis of Trimmable Horizontal Stabilizer Actuators and Technology Evaluation


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Swantje Johnsen, F. Thielecke


Deutscher Luft- und Raumfahrtkongress, Bremen 27. - 29. Sept. 2011

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Commercial aircraft use a trimmable horizontal stabilizer to control the equilibrium of moments around the pitch axis independent of the elevator. The movement of the horizontal stabilizer is controlled by the trimmable horizontal stabilizer actuator (THSA). The limited testability of today's systems is a huge disadvantage. To improve such systems, a variety of approaches are investigated, whose integration into the fuselage needs to be analysed. Considering the load transmission as well as their kinematics, this article deals with the integration analysis of novel THSA concepts with respect to the arrangement of load paths in the fuselage. Independent of the load path design (e.g. ball screw or hydraulic cylinder), THSA systems with two primary load paths are differentiated from those with one primary and one secondary load path. To evaluate innovative architectures, criteria are presented, which are the basis of multiobjective decision making. The procedure and the interpretation of results are shown in simplified examples of novel concepts.