Flight Test Aircraft Sprint for Loads Observer Assessment


Flugdynamik und Lasten





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Jan Haar, M. Montel, F. Thielecke, Achim Merklinger, Lars Bensch


Proceedings of the 3rd International Workshop on Aircraft System Technologies

The aircraft UW 9 Sprint is used to support the validation of the loads observer algorithm, a model based method for in-flight loads monitoring of aircraft structures. This paper provides a detailed survey of the entire project, including an introduction of the involved partners as well as a description of the project objectives. As a reliable validation implies the need for a statistical relevant amount of data, the loads observer validation goes along with a significant number of flight tests. Therefore great importance is placed on the used sensor setup and data processing. Consequently the project overview is followed by a detailed description of the sensor setup with special emphasis on the utilized flight test aircraft and the installed sensors. Furthermore a description of the framework established for data handling in terms of loads observer validation is given.