Optimal Sizing of Pipe Networks in Aircraft Hydraulic System Preliminary Design


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Aircraft hydraulic systems, preliminary design, pipe networks, optimization


Carsten Dunker, F. Thielecke, Till Homann


Bath/ASME Symposium on Fluid Power & Motion Control (FPMC 2012)

A method for optimal sizing of pipe networks in aircraft hydraulic system preliminary design is presented. This method sizes the hydraulic system?s pipe diameters for a defined architecture in order to meet maximum fluid velocity and consumer delta pressure constraints with a minimum pipe network mass. The optimization function uses evolutionary algorithms and implements techniques developed for pipe size optimization of water distribution networks, like scaled fitness or Gray code representation of discrete pipe diameters. Additionally, an advanced problem formulation is determined, which decreases solution space and computation time by taking advantage of the network characteristics. Furthermore, a dynamic penalty function for infeasible solutions is designed. The method is implemented in the preliminary architecting and sizing tool AROLAB via the EVA2 optimization framework. The performance is tested on an aircraft hydraulic system supplied by an electric motor pump. The results show that the system mass could be reduced up to 22% in comparison to a former manual sizing. Much more important during this design phase, however, also the sizing time is reduced significantly.