Towards More-Efficient Aircraft Hydraulic Systems: Conceptual Design of a Variable-Speed Fixed-Displacement Electric Motor Pump


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Carsten Dunker, Kevin Poole, F. Thielecke


SAE 2011 AeroTech Congress & Exhibition, September 2013

This paper describes the conceptual design of a variablespeed fixed-displacement electric motor pump for aircraft hydraulic systems. In contrast to today's approaches, the pump controls the constant system pressure by adapting the motor speed rather than the pump displacement or both. This concept might increase the pump's part load efficiency significantly. The paper starts with introducing and analyzing the dynamic requirements of aircraft hydraulic pumps and evaluating different pump concepts. The concept of an internal gear pump driven by a permanent magnet synchronous motor is selected. For this concept an experimental prototype is developed. The electric motor pump is modeled and a pressure controller is designed. The prototype is set up and tested on an experimental test bench regarding dynamics, efficiencies and noise emissions. The overall concept is evaluated regarding secondary power demand, system heat load, wear, reliability, noise, and mass. The evaluation shows that losses can be decreased by 66% and noise emissions by 30 dBA in comparison to an original aircraft electric motor pump in use today.