Model Based Design Method for Electro-Mechanic Actuator Systems, Applied to a Nose Landing Gear


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Design Tools; Electro-Mechanic Actuator; Kinematic; Landing Gear; Landing Gear Actuation; Multi-Body Simulation; System Design;


Dennis Doberstein, F. Thielecke


Recent Advances in Aerospace Actuation System and Components (R3ASC)

This paper describes a model based design method for an electro-mechanic actuation system for the extension and retraction function of a nose landing gear system. The first part deals with the technique of multi-body simulation applied to the kinematic redesign. A multi-body model is used to study different solutions for the integration of a rotary EMA into a conventional actuation kinematic. The main goal is to achieve a low actuation torque for reducing actuator size and weight. Based on the results of this study, a novel kinematic concept is chosen for further analysis. Numeric tools are presented to optimize the kinematic trans-mission ratio of this concept regarding a flat and uniform load curve. The multi-body model is also used for determination of the relevant sizing parameters for the actuator, a high-ratio gear combined with a servo motor. An overall system model is created in MATLAB-SIMULINK environment for further system analysis.