Advanced Optimal Control of an Aircraft Hydraulic Power Generation Module


Hydraulische Energieversorgung




N. Trochelmann

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Electro-hydraulic (eH) power generation modules, formed by electric motor-driven pumps, are a key technology for modern electric aircraft system architectures. Ecological goals due to stricter regulations, increasing competition, and growth in air traffic seek for continuous improvements in system efficiency, performance, and availability. Today‘s baseline control strategies for eH power generation are simple and robust but cannot use the full potential of the system. E.g. they let the system operate at sub-optimal efficiency. Moreover, interfacing aircraft systems and monitoring functions impose an increasing number of operational constraints, which cannot be handled properly by the existing controls. The institute of aircraft systems engineering is working on new controls to address these shortcomings. The scope of this thesis is the development and test of an advanced optimal control algorithm for an eH power module. The algorithm shall be derived by using dedicated models. Afterwards it shall be implemented and tested on a real time platform with with respect to control performance and real-time capability.


  • Familiarize with electric motor-driven pumps, optimal control, (aircraft) hydraulics
  • System modeling (motor-pump, hydraulic system)
  • Review of existing approaches for optimal control
  • Definition and development of a dedicated strategy and formulation of the optimization problem
  • Model based test of controller on realtime platform (focus on performance and real-time capability)