IMONIK - IMA Architecture Optimization

IMONIK - IMA Architecture Optimization

Computer aided design of IMA architectures optimal subject to evaluation objectives



Avionische Systeme und Software




B. Annighöfer


01. Januar 2009


30. März 2012

The introduction of IMA brought benefits to aircraft development process. System functions can be certified incrementally, volume and mass could be saved. Defining the IMA architecture for a new aircraft, however, is a difficult, non-automated process. It includes several optimization problems. The optimal architecture depends on the distribution of sensors and actuators. This peripherals and the functions to be carried out by the individual aircraft systems, as well as safety regulations have to be met by the architecture. In addition, the process starts with only uncertain information on the systems becoming more precise during aircraft development. Therefore, defining the IMA architecture is an iterative process, carried out by experts. Engineering decisions taken often rely on subjective impression. Thus it is is hard to evaluate whether defined architectures are optimal in terms of cost or maintainability during this phase.

The aim is to investigate an computer aided IMA architecture optimization. Architecture optimization shall provide the capability to create architectures from system models and requirements. The created architecture shall are optimal subject to objective optimization goals and constraints. This would support the architecture definition process by enabling fast redesign of the architecture in case of new and more precise input data or changing system requirements.